Important Information - COVID 19

Rules for using the play areas.

  • These rules are in addition to the normal rules of the play area.
  • Please ensure you maintain social distancing in line with current government guidance.
  • If the play area is busy, please come back another time.
  • Only one child/household group on any piece of equipment at any one time – please wait your turn keeping off the safety surfacing.
  • Parents/adults should wipe down equipment before and after use.
  • Parents/adults should wipe down any gates/benches/picnic tables before and after use.
  • Please ensure only one adult enters the play area with their child/children.
  • Please be considerate in the amount of time spent on equipment so others can use it.
  • If a piece of play equipment is being used that you wish to use, please queue whilst maintaining social distancing.
  • Please ensure you and your child/children do not touch your face, put your mouths on equipment or your hands in your mouths.
  • If you have to sneeze, please sneeze into a tissue or arm when a tissue is not available.
  • Please use hand sanitiser before and after using each separate piece of play equipment.
  • Please use hand sanitiser before and after using the play equipment.
  • Face coverings pose a risk when using play equipment and should NOT be worn by children under 3 years or those who may find them difficult to manage.
  • Please wash hands before and after using face coverings.
  • No food or drink should be consumed within the play area.
  • Please wash your hands after using the play equipment.
  • Please place litter in the bins provided. If a bin is full please take your litter home
  • Allowing children to use playground. equipment is at parents/adults own risk.

Play Areas owned And maintained By Kings Hill Parish Council

Anson Avenue Play Area



The Anson Avenue play area was leased to Kings Hill Parish Council in 2008 by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council for a term of 50 years.

Anson Avenue play area consists of a slide, a pair of cradle swings and a pair of teenager swings.
Kings Hill Sports Park Older Children's Play Area


The play areas at Kings Hill Sports Park were officially opened in November 2018 by The Mayor of Tonbridge & Malling.

It was built as part of a planning obligation and S106 monies were used to finance it.

In the planning stages residents were asked by the parish council what they would most like to see in this area and as a result of this consultation Kings Hill now have a zip wire, climbing frame, tyre swing, and ground trampoline in the Older Children’s Play Area.



 Kings Hill Sports Park Toddler Play Area

The toddler play area is for younger children and consists of a four seat swing comprising of two flat seats, one cradle seat and one disabled seat, a turnstile roundabout and a Crazy Daisy four seat rocker.




If you notice any problems or damage to the equipment please contact the clerk at or call 01732 870382

Play Areas owned and maintained by Kings Hill Residential Management Company

Braeburn Way

Picture coming soon 

Emerald Walk

Emerald Walk 

Gibson Drive

Gibson Drive Play Area 

Linear Park

Linear Park Play Area

Melrose Avenue

Melrose Avenue Play Area 

Ruton Square

Ruton Square Play Area 

Tiffen Way

Tiffen Way Play Area

Waterloo Walk











Play area owned and maintained by Rouse Kent (Residential) Ltd

Pippin Way

Picture coming soon. 

If you notice any problems or damage to the equipment please contact Prologis on 01732 870375