Local Plan Hearing Sessions and Consultation

The Programme Officer for the Tonbridge & Malling Local Plan Examination has informed the parish council that due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus  the Stage 1 hearing sessions scheduled to take place in May and June have had to be postponed.   

The current advice from the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) is that hearing sessions should not take place for at least three months, but as you will appreciate it is quite possible that this period will be extended as we get closer to mid June. 

The link below will take you to the page of the Planning Inspectorate’s website where their advice notes are posted, including one which is specific to Local Plan Examinations.  This page of the Planning Inspectorate website will be updated when new advice is issued.  


The Inspectors will seek to re-arrange with the Council dates for the hearing sessions as soon as possible, but this cannot be done until it is clear that holding the hearing sessions would not be contrary to Government advice.

Kings Hill Parish Council’s response to the Local Plan Post Submission consultation is below. 

You will also find the parish council’s original Regulation 19 response on these documents.

Local Plan Post Submission Consultation

Local Plan Post Submission Consultation 4th November 2019 – 23rd December 2019

The Inspectors appointed to examine Tonbridge and Malling's Local Plan requested that Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council conducts an additional consultation relating to material published since the submission of the Plan to the Secretary of State on 23rd January 2019 and how this has or has not affected the soundness, legal compliance and meeting the Duty to Cooperate of the Local Plan. Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council is therefore inviting comments, also known as representations on the soundness of the Local Plan, taking account of this additional material.

Local Plan Update

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council have prepared a new borough wide Local Plan focused on the period up to 2031.  This new Local Plan has been consulted upon and is now at the examination stage.  For the latest up date on the examination process please click below. 

Examination latest news and update - Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council

If you would like to review the examination documents please click below. 

Examination Documents 

The parish council has joined with Mereworth Parish Council to prepare a report in objection to the Tonbridge and Malling Local Plan. Please click here to read the full report. 

Information On The Local Plan

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council is preparing a new Local Plan. This is a very important document that will guide and manage future development in the Borough up to 2031.

The purpose of having a Plan is to identify future needs for new homes, jobs and community facilities such as schools, medical facilities, roads and public open space and then to put policies and plans in place to meet them. The Plan also provides a framework for considering and determining planning applications for anything from home improvements to major new developments.

Information On The Local Plan