Kings Hill Sculptures

Golf Wizard Sculpture

The Golf Wizard
by Tod Brittingham

Standing approximately 10 ft high, a bronze casting – humorous, thought-provoking in nature – it is situated outside the entrance to the Kings Hill Golf Clubhouse.

Running Man Sculpture

The Running Airman
by Kate Denton

This memorial honours the military and civilian personnel who were based at Kings Hill over the years. It comprises a life size bronze sculpture of a running airman surrounded by four vertical granite panels depicting the history of the airfield.


 The sky is the limit sculpture

When the sky's the limit the spirits soar
by Rick Kirby

Commissioned by Kent County Council and Liberty, this sculpture was unveiled by HRH Prince Michael of Kent on 23 March 2005. It commemorates the life and achievements of Bill Rouse, Liberty’s founder

Guardian figure sculpture

Guardian Figure
by Greg Johns

This sculpture by Greg Johns, an internationally renowned Australian artist, was shipped 12,000 miles from Australia and was installed at Kings Hill on the roundabout between Discovery Drive and Beacon Avenue in October 2010.

Discovery school sculpture

Discovery School Sculpture
by Jonathan Hately

This work commemorates the opening of the school and features its logo, an apple embellished with a map of the world. The children, Zachary Bevans and Emma Davies, were randomly selected from the school’s foundation class when it opened.

A different ball game sculpture

A Different Ball Game
by Kevin Atherton

Installed in May 1993, the 10 ft diameter reflective steel ball sculpture represents human endeavour – the figures are pushing against themselves and create a tension which keeps the ball in place.

Tug of war sculpture

Tug of War
by W Stanley Proctor

This 20 ft long bronze sculpture, installed in 2002, features six children – three boys and three girls – plus a dog, pulling the rope in a tug of war.

L'ambiente sculpture

by Enzo Torcoletti

L‘Ambiente means ‘a place for people’. It consists of Portuguese granite and is made up of six blocks, reaching a height of 45 ft.

Memorial to Group Captain Peter Townsend

Memorial to Group Captain Peter Townsend
by Guy Portelli

Group Captain Peter Townsend sits alongside a Hurricane, the aircraft he was most famous for flying

A place of landings picture

A Place of Landings
by Richard Wolfstrome

A series of artworks by artist Richard Wolfstrome. These include brass roundels embedded in the paving close to the Control Tower featuring the aircraft which flew from the former airfield.

Remembrance 2018

Ceramic poppies

Silver ball covered in poppies

Poppy on the control tower

Members of the public at Remembrance Service