Finance & Human Resources Committee

The role of the Finance & Human Resources Committee is to oversee all aspects of the financial administration and governance of the Council as well as all human resources (HR) activities for both employees and councillors.

Meeting Dates 2020/ 2021

Wednesday 27th May
Wednesday 24th June
Wednesday 22nd July
Wednesday 14th October
Wednesday 25th November
Wednesday 27th January
Wednesday 24th February
Wednesday 24th March
Wednesday 28th April
Wednesday 26th May 

Complaints Committee Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 11.30

Agenda and Minutes
Agenda 20/01/2021 


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Meeting ID: 886 8757 0330

Passcode: 549388


Meeting Papers

Complaints Committee Tuesday 15th December 2020 at 16.30

Agenda and Minutes
Agenda 15/12/2020 

This meeting did not proceed as it was not quorate. 


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Meeting ID: 893 3925 9934

Passcode: 881790 

Meeting Papers

Wednesday 22nd July at 19.30

Agenda and Minutes
Agenda 22/07/2020 
Minutes 22/07/2020 


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Meeting ID: 881 8613 0937
Password: 556059  



Archived Agendas and Minutes for Finance & Human Resources Commmittee