Committees and Meetings

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Kings Hill Parish Council Committees

Full Council
Amenities Committee 

All committees have been suspended until the end of the 21/22 year and the full council is meeting bi-monthly to consider all parish business. 

Pre 2020/ 2021 - Kings Hill Parish Council Committees

Full Council

A monthly meeting of all parish councillors. The Council meets mid-month on a Wednesday with the exception of August when there is no council meeting. It is at these meetings that we should expect all Councillors to attend together. The Council considers the reports from the individual committee meetings and encompasses any matter that affects the whole Council not able to be dealt with at Committee.

Finance & Human Resources Committee

The role of the Finance & Human Resources Committee is to oversee all aspects of the financial administration and governance of the Council as well as all human resources (HR) activities for both employees and councillors.

Amenities Committee

The role of the Amenities Committee is to oversee the management of the Councils Amenities, including Kings Hill Sports Park; Kings Hill Community Centre; Kings Hill Allotment Site; Anson Avenue Play Area; Phase 1 open spaces. They must ensure the promotion of the assets to meet the sporting, social and recreational needs of the residents of Kings Hill providing excellent facilities for community use. The Committee is also responsible for setting policies in strategic direction, finance, health and safety, community relations and organisational operations for the facilities.

Planning, Transport & Environment Committee

The role of the Planning, Transport and Environment Committee is to represent the views of the community when consulted on planning applications, to liaise with other agencies to improve transportation issues on Kings Hill and to improve the quality of life in Kings Hill by providing and maintaining local amenities in an efficient and effective manner.

Archived Committees

These Committees no longer meet, but you can still see their minutes and agendas by clicking on the heading above.