Parish Council Update Regarding Events On Halloween

Published: 07 November 2019

The Chairman of Kings Hill Parish Council has met with Kent Police Inspector Kerry Rothwell to raise concerns about the levels of anti-social behaviour on the evening of 31st October 2019.

Local PCSOs had advised shops ahead of the evening not to supply eggs and flour to young people and were patrolling within the borough. Inspector Rothwell confirmed that this year dispersal orders were also put in place in Kings Hill and other areas to move on groups of people believed to be causing anti-social behaviour or who may have been intimidating members of the public.

The parish council are limited in powers to act with regards to crime and encourage residents to report all incidents to 101 or 999 if there is imminent danger.

All local stakeholders work together to share intelligence on matters such as these and the parish council will continue to assist Kent Police, where it can, to maintain the low crime statistics of the parish.