Mobile Phone Scam Reported On Kings Hill

Published: 10 September 2019

We have been informed by Kings Hill PCSO Wendy Stanley, that there have been reports of a mobile phone scam in the area.

The scam works like this:

A brand new top-of-the-range phone is delivered to your door. The package has your name on it but you don’t remember ordering it. You then receive a phone call from a mobile phone company explaining it was delivered by mistake and they will send a courier to pick it up. When the courier arrives the phone is handed over, which could prove to be an expensive mistake.

The scam involves crooks ordering and then attempting to intercept – or trick you into handing over high-value packages. It usually happens when criminals somehow manage to get hold of your personal details to place the order. It can be one consequence of identity theft.

What should victims do?

If a courier unexpectedly comes to collect an item at your home do not hand it over, or if a mobile phone company calls about a delivered parcel check their credentials and call the company they claim to be representing. If you have any fears, contact the police on 101. If you receive an unexpected high-value package, contact the retailer immediately and arrange for it to be sent back.

Identity theft is on the rise so if you spot any suspicious activity on your account report it to your bank immediately. Ensure personal documents such as bank statements are not left lying around, and are shredded before throwing away.