A228 Roadwork Diversions Update

Published: 31 July 2019

Letter From Liberty Property Trust + diversion route at end of message

Dear Occupier

Further to the notification that was emailed to you on 25.07.19, we write to provide an update.

As previously notified by Southern Gas Networks (SGN), it closed part of the A228 on Monday, 29 July for up to 4 weeks, in order to carry out essential maintenance work. SGN continues to be responsible for providing information with regard to its works and traffic management plans.

Meanwhile, as we advised, in order to prevent Kings Hill Avenue being used as an unauthorised diversion route and to minimise disruption and potential damage from HGVs, we installed width restrictions at both ends of Kings Hill Avenue and closed it in the centre. Additional security on Kings Hill Avenue is in place to monitor the situation and to provide access for emergency services. Unfortunately, some unauthorised individuals have been taking it upon themselves to remove road closure barriers and other traffic management items. HGVs have also been observed ignoring the diversion route. Therefore, we have re-assessed the situation and feel that we have no choice but to re-install the barriers in such a way that they will form a hard road closure that will not be so easily removable by unauthorised individuals – this will take place after 6.30pm, 30.07.19. We had hoped to be able to take a more flexible approach but the actions of a few have resulted in us having to ensure our Kings Hill traffic management measures are far more robust.

The attached plans show the locations of the barriers and the Kings Hill Avenue road closure location – which has not changed. They also show an alternative way in which your employees and visitors can access your offices, via Warwick Way. The key thing to note with regard to the hard road closure is that occupiers:

• to the west of the hard closure will need to access Kings Hill via Gibson Drive – 1 KHA/21 KHA/17 KHA/23 KHA/25 KHA/2 KHA/10 KHA/18 KHA/26 KHA/30 KHA/42 KHA
• to the east of the hard closure will need to access Kings Hill via Tower View – 35 KHA/39 KHA/1 AWR/2 AWR/4 AWR/8 AWR/50 KHA
• 42 Kings Hill Avenue occupiers will ONLY be able to access the building via the west entrance (adjacent to Worrall House, 30 Kings Hill Avenue), as the shared entrance with Covea, 50 Kings Hill Avenue will be blocked. This is to prevent rat running through the car park, which has already been observed with drivers mounting paving and landscaping and causing damage. If travelling into Kings Hill from Ashton Way / Tower View, you should follow the diversion via Warwick Way as above.

Unfortunately, the bus stops on Kings Hill Avenue will not be available during the period of the SGN works. However, the bus companies will continue to provide services into Kings Hill and passengers will be able to use the stop opposite 1 Tower View, or the stops at ASDA. Viridor, the refuse service provider for Kings Hill Estate Management on the business park, is aware of the diversion and will have access as will vehicles that are making deliveries. Should you use an alternative provider, please feel free to give them the diversion route plans – attached and available as pdf’s on www.kings-hill.com.

Should you have any questions regarding the closure of the A228, you should contact SGN – 0800 912 1700.
Should you have any questions about the Kings Hill temporary diversion route and traffic management plans, you should contact us on 01732 870375.

Please note that the restricted access arrangements for Kings Hill Avenue are to enable you to continue to access your offices, rather than face potential gridlock caused by commuters ‘rat running’ through Kings Hill to avoid the SGN A228 closure. It is also to prevent excessive HGV and other excessive traffic damaging the brick block paviours, repairs of which business park occupiers would have to foot the bill through their estate charge payments.

It is extremely important that all your employees and visitors are aware of these arrangements and we would be grateful for your assistance in ensuring that these details are provided to everyone needing access to your business over the coming weeks.

Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.

Updated diversion route