National Insurance Phone Scammers

Published: 27 June 2019

KCC have received reports of telephone scammers once again targeting people in Kent.

How this scam works:

• The scam caller says they are from the National Insurance Enforcement Agency and your National Insurance number is being held - either for non-payment or due to doing something illegal against the government.
• The caller might know your NI number and ask you to verify name and DOB.
• They may say there is a warrant out for your arrest and to either pay now or go to court and perhaps jail.
• They may also say that if you didn’t pay you will be prevented from getting any benefits or that they have the authority to freeze your bank account.
• One resident was asked for £48,000 to "unblock their NI number"!
• Scammers may call multiple times.

What to do:

• Hang up and don't return their calls.
• NEVER disclose any personal information such as bank details or date of birth, no matter who the person claims to be.
• If you have already given money to scammers, contact Kent Police by calling 101 and you can also report it to Action Fraud here

The information you give to Action Fraud can help track down the scammer.