Doorstep Cold Callers Alert!

Published: 07 May 2019

 Reports have been received of residents in Riverhead, Sevenoaks being cold called by individuals claiming to be part of an ex-offender scheme and selling gardening and household items.

How it works:...
•Please be aware that ex-offenders will never be asked to cold call as part of any ex-offender or prison release scheme.
•Doorstep criminals call on unsuspecting households offering convincing deals to try to get you to agree to have work carried out or buy goods.

What to do:
•Do not open the door to the doorstep cold caller.
•Do not trade on your doorstep. Just say No.
•Warn vulnerable family members, friends and neighbours.
•If you need home repairs carried out use reputable traders who are members of the KCC Trading Standards approved trader scheme, run in partnership with Checkatrade
If you feel afraid or threatened by a doorstep caller, phone 999. Or report it at