Youth Organisations and the Poppy Appeal

Published: 17 December 2018

Kings Hill...thank you.
Since 2011, William’s Warriors Explorer Scout Unit have been collecting for the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. It started small with just a handful of volunteers and with a few hours at ASDA on a Sunday. From that small acorn, the collection has grown...and continues to grow. In 2012, Mereworth & Kings Hill Cubs and Scouts joined in, with the Beaver Scouts a couple of years later. By 2017, the Scout Group and Explorer Unit had raised just under £15000. This year, in the centenary year of the armistice of World War 1, all three voluntary youth organisations of Kings Hill have joined together - just as on Remembrance Sunday. This year’s collection has seen the Brownies, Girls’ Brigade and all of the Scout sections supporting the Poppy Appeal. Over three days, these organisations provided over 450 hours of volunteering at ASDA, Waitrose and The Spitfire. Collecting for the Poppy Appeal means a great deal to the young people; there is a passion to help others; a belief in reflecting upon our past; and a desire to foster a positive and thriving community.
Our challenging target of raising £20000 by 2018 has well and truly been met. An astonishing £6239.90 has been raised this year and this takes the grand total raised is £20,817.03.
That small acorn has certainly matured into a mighty oak! None of this could have been achieved without the considerable help of ASDA, Waitrose and The Spitfire, and we are truly grateful for their continued support.  The final ‘thank you’ is of course to you - the resident, the family, the friend, the employee, the employer - whoever you may be. Thank you for YOUR donation, and thank you for YOUR support of the Poppy Appeal.
On behalf of the uniformed organisations of Kings Hill,
Kings Hill Brownies, 1st Kings Hill Girls’ Brigade, Mereworth & Kings Hill Scout Group and William’s Warriors Explorer Scout Unit.