What is your experience of the planning system

MPs on the House of Commons Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee, are seeking a range of views from the public on the housing and land use planning system in England. The answers and examples to this survey will be used by the Committee to inform future questioning to the Government. The Committee does not, as a rule, pursue individual cases, but we want to hear about your experiences to assess the overall performance of the planning system. The information provided may be published and used in Committee proceedings.

Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee Consultation 

Innovation Park Medway Consultation

Both Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council and Medway Council are consulting on draft Local Development Orders for the areas of the Innovation Park Medway site that fall within their respective areas, and must adopt separate documents.

The purpose of an LDO is to simplify the planning process within the site. It enables businesses and organisations that would support the objectives of Innovation Park Medway to develop on the site without the need for planning permission but subject to a number of conditions set out within the LDO. Development proposals that do not conform with the LDO or that cannot satisfy the conditions of the LDO will require planning permission in the usual way.

The consultation runs until Monday 30th November 2020.

Innovation Park Medway Consultation 

Plan of Innovation Park

Proposed extension to the existing Allington Integrated Waste Management Facility

The statutory consultation runs from 20th July 2020 to 16th October 2020.

This is a statutory consultation process that is required to be carried out by the Planning Act 2008 because the project is classified as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). 


Please read the details of the consultation and have your say.


Virtual Public Exhibition


Waste site location in Allington

Clearheart Lane Public Consultation

Application for 65 dwellings 
Tregothnan Estate is seeking your views about their proposals for residential development on land south of Clearheart Lane, Kings Hill.

The site is allocated for up to 65 dwellings within the adopted Local Plan (under Policy H1(f) of the Tonbridge & Malling Development Land Allocations Development Plan Document).

Tregothnan Estate will be applying to Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council (TMBC) for outline planning permission for up to 65 dwellings, in line with the housing allocation for the site.


Map of Kings Hill with development area at Clearheart Lane highlighted

Further information
Consultation Leaflet 
Reply to consultation at Clearheart Lane Website
Public consultation response form 

Alternatively responses or queries can be emailed to clearheartlane@lichfields.uk.  Comments can be received until Friday 15 May 2020, comments made after this date may not be able to be considered. 


Kings Hill Parish Council Planning Application Response
Clearheart Lane Planning Application Response