Poisonous Plants

Even in a well cultivated garden danger lurks, sometimes in unexpected places. Many plants which are grown in the vegetable garden for food contain poisons in some of their parts and a number of flowers and trees are particularly dangerous.

Rhubarb has, though many people do not know this, poisonous leaves. While the stalks are edible, the leaves are not and should never be cooked with the stalks and eaten.

The tomato belongs to the same family as the deadly night shade, so it is not surprising that the stems and leaves contain poisonous substances.

Even the potato has its dangers - it is not good to eat when it has begun sprouting and the stem and leaves of the plant are poisonous.

Daffodil bulbs can be mistaken for onions when stored in a garden shed. In a stew they add a rather strange taste and can make you sick. If you are frail they could even kill you.

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