Kings Hill Phase 3 Planning Applications

 TM/13/01535/OAEA Phase 3 Outline Planning Application

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 Kings Hill Phase 3
Kings Hill Phase 3
Area 1 - Variation of condition 5 (windows)

Kings Hill Phase 3
Sports Park Pavilion extension - 2 additional changing rooms, enhancement of existing sports pitches with 1 no. additional senior grass pitch, 2 no. tennis courts, 2 no. dual use courts (tennis and netball), 1 no. cricket square and outfield, a 2190m trim trail with 6 stations, associated lighting and fencing and additional parking for 60 cars
Kings Hill Phase 3
Kings Hill Community Centre extension
Kings Hill Phase 3 
Formalisation of the Market Square car park
 Kings Hill Phase 3 
Landscape strategy for the improvement of Market Square
Kings Hill Phase 3
Details of condition 18 (roundabout monitoring)
Kings Hill Phase 3
Details of condition 21 (materials)
Kings Hill Phase 3
Area 12 - Erection of an assisted living development comprising 75 apartments
Kings Hill Phase 3
Area 306 - Construction of a new public park


The Phase 3 Planning Application has been approved

The Phase 3 permission has been formally granted by Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council following lengthy negotiations to agree planning conditions and other obligations. Details of the application can be found on the TMBC website.

As part of the Phase 3 outline application there are a number of obligations and planning conditions including:

  • The safeguarding of a site for a place of worship and memorial garden – this site is on where the tennis courts are located on Gibson Drive. The tennis courts will be moved elsewhere on Kings Hill or the Kings Hill Sports Park. Details of the relocated site will be subject to a full planning application to be submitted by the developers to TMBC sometime in the future
  • Additional sports facilities (pitches, courts and trim trail) at the Kings Hill Sports Park
  • A youth outdoor recreational facility such as a skate park or similar – subject to further public consultation
  • New allotments
  • Extension to the Community Centre subject to further consultation
  • Contribution to extend the new third primary school on Kings Hill
  • Bus service improvements
  • Additional parks, gardens, amenity open space and playgrounds
  • Pedestrian crossing on Tower View near the Asda roundabout
  • Strategic pedestrian, equestrian and cycle links
  • 112 Affordable housing units