Parish Council Independent Financial Investigation

Kings Hill Parish Council commissioned the Local Council Consultancy to review its financial and governance arrangements, with particular regard to actions taken and consequences resulting in relation to Kings Hill Sports Park. The formal approval of this appointment is contained in the Finance and Human Resources Committee minutes of 22 July 2020:

To note procurement procedure is underway to appoint a professional body to verify Cllr Finlay’s financial report.

It was reported that a quotation has been received from a professional body.

It was RESOLVED to proceed with the quotation from the SLCC consultancy.

A recorded vote was requested by Cllr Finlay.


Cllr Finlay

Cllr Barker

Cllr Waller

Cllr Sherlaw


Cllr Petty 

The report is back and the Finance & Human Resources Committee have resolved to recommend to Full Council to proceed with all the recommendations.

Tune into Full Council on Wednesday 16th December 2020 to hear the discussion. 

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