Weed Spraying

There will be weed spraying taking place on Thursday 2nd March 2017 at the allotment site weather conditions permitting.

This will mean the allotment car park and the allotments will be CLOSED all day. Signs will be placed on the allotment and car park gates.

Change Of Padlocks At The Allotment Site

The Parish Council have had to review the use of the combination padlocks to the allotment site due to the padlocks not being fit for purpose resulting in a number of breakages.   The cost so far has been contained but each padlock costs between £35-£45.  It is on this basis that the Parish Council have decided to use a more robust padlock system with keys that have been patented to ensure that they can only be cut by the Parish Council to ensure the security of the site.

Clause 3.1 of the allotment rules state that the Parish Council would review the use of the combination locks after 6 months of the allotment site being open. 

The new key system will take effect from Tuesday 28th February 2017.  The keys will require a £20 refundable deposit and will need to be signed for.  Upon termination of the tenancy agreement the £20 will be returned to the tenant on receipt of the key.  If the key is not returned, the Parish Council will have the right to keep the £20 deposit to replace the missing key. Alternatively if a key is lost or damaged a further £20 charge will have to be paid for each new key.

If you are unable to collect your keys during office hours the Parish Office will be open on Saturday 25th February 2017 between the hours of 10.00 am and 12.00 Noon.  The key will allow you access to the car park and pedestrian access to the allotment site.  The Parish Council will retain the key for vehicular access to the allotment site.  If an allotment holder needs this key it can be collected from the Parish Office.

If the above timeline causes a problem to you could you please contact the Parish Office as soon as possible on 01732 870382 or

For the safety and security of all tenants of the allotment site the new key system will make it much more secure.

Would You Like An Allotment?

Are you interested in having an allotment? For more information or to join the waiting list please call 01732 870382 or email

Allotment Update

Kings Hill Allotments Strategy


September 2016 


9th November 2015


Against all odds and bad weather on the day there were smiles all round for the grand opening of
Kings Hill Parish Council's new allotment site on Saturday 7th November.

The opening saw celebrity and veteran horticulturist Mr Jim Buttress, Patron of South and South East in Bloom and a judge on the TV series 'The Big Allotment Challenge', the Mayor of Tonbridge & Malling, Councillor Owen Baldock and the Mayoress Mrs Christine Balkdock attend the ceremony, together with a number of Kings Hill Parish Councillors.  Mr Buttress opened the site by cutting the ribbon and gave advice to the allotment tenants who were able to attend the opening ceremony.  Refreshments of mulled wine and carrot cake were enjoyed in the warm and dry of the Sports Pavilion.

21st September 2015 

The new Kings Hill allotments are now fully complete and allotment holders are starting to take up and work their plots.  An official opening ceremony for Kings Hill is to be organised - date to be confirmed. 

Allotment holders are working very hard on their allotments and Kings Hill Parish Council are sure that that this time next year all their hard work will pay off and they will have a wonderful array of fruit and vegetables. 



8th June 2015

The construction of Kings Hill Allotments is well underway. Since the ground preparation was carried out. The new access road in the site has been constructed and the water supply and standpipes installed. The next phase will be the installation of the rabbit proof fencing and then exterior fencing. It is hoped that the construction will completed by the end of June early July weather permitting.


May 2015 

Works are underway on the new Kings Hill Allotment site. The top surface has been ripped, along with cultivation works to allow air into the soil tone and detritus removal has been carried out with further works taking place over the next 4 to 5 weeks.

Further updates will be posted on this website as they take place.


For information on how to look after your allotment please click here for The National Allotment & Leisure Gardener's website