Blaise Farm Extended Operating Hours

The parish council have received a letter from Kent County Council regarding an approved request by Gallagher Aggregates Ltd for extended operating hours at Blaise Farm Quarry to supply an urgent Brexit related contract for the Ashford Inland Port Project subject to certain conditions.  


Letter from Kent County Council.

Blaise Farm Blasts


The parish council would recommend the following two options if residents have any complaints regarding the impact of the blasts on their properties.


  • Firstly, take photographic evidence and advise your insurance company.
  • Secondly, make a formal complaint in writing to Gallagher Aggregates Limited. 


Formal Complaint to Gallagher Aggregates Limited

Please email with the following details:-


  • Your details. 
  • Your location.
  • The date and time of the blast. 
Please state that you wish to make a formal complaint.



Outstanding Planning Applications

TM/19/2396 (KCC/TM/0211/2019) - Blaise Farm Quarry.

Temporary development of an Anaerobic Digestion plant with ancillary gas-to-grid plant and associated infrastructure (part retrospective).

TM/19/2397 (KCC/TM/0202/2019) - Blaise Farm Quarry.

Section 73 application to vary conditions 7 (documents & drawings), 19 (Combined tonnage) and 22 (HGV movements) of planning permission TM/12/2549 (AD/ATC Plant) and consequentially vary conditions 4 (surface water drainage scheme), 5 (lighting scheme), 12 (external colour treatment) & 18 (Advanced Thermal Conversion percentage inputs) 

TM/19/2398 (KCC/TM/0203/2019) - Blaise Farm Quarry.

Section 73 application to vary condition 13 (combined tonnage) of planning permission TM/14/532 (IVC Plant) 

TM/19/2399 (KCC/TM/0204/2019) - Blaise Farm Quarry.

Section 73 application to vary condition 3 (documents and drawings) of planning permission TM/13/3657 (Gas to Grid Plant).